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Multi-Purpose & Water well Drilling

The Multi purpose & water well division manufactures and markets a wide range of drilling rigs for geological surveys and water well drilling.

Drillmec SpA is continuously developing new design in conventional and hydraulic rigs, creating a new frontier for water research drilling. In order to cover most of drilling sector needs, Drillmec offers varied solutions and products besides the complete rigs including:

  • Mud pumps and expendables
  • Rotary & Hammer drilling equipment
  • Drill pipes, Drill Collars & Casing
  • Structural elements
  • Drilling Accessories

Drillmec Water division manufactures two types of rigs:
Box type: designed mainly for Mud Drilling (Direct/Reverse Circulation), but can be used also for Air Drilling.
Open face type: designed mainly for Air Drilling but can be used also for Mud Drilling
Telescopic type: designed mainly for Mud Drilling(Direct/Reverse Circulation).