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Increase Your Profits in Fish and Seafood Processing:
Fish and seafood in Pakistan is growing like never before. You make the best margins and exports by presenting your product to the end-market in the freshest and most visually appealing condition possible. This is where DEC specializes. For close to half a decade, DEC has helped fish and seafood processors increase throughput and profit while simultaneously improving presentation, processing hygiene and flexibility in production. We specialize in systems - portioning, value-added processing and chilling or freezing - that deliver high yield and throughput, and premium food product quality.

We can do all types of processing and freezing for a wide range of thin or flat products using our broad range of equipments:
1.    Processing Solutions ( Portioning, Coating, Battering, Frying and Cooking)
2.    Freezing Solutions (IQF, Crust Freezing and Glazing)
3.    Refrigeration Systems (Compressors, Condensers, valves and instrumentation, heat exchangers, project engineering, management and execution)
4.    Air Compressors.
5.    Water Treatment Solutions (Drinking Water, Process Water, RO, Waste Water Treatment).