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From slaughtering to processing and to value added production, our range of technologies does it all keeping focus on food safety, taste, product presentation and economy. The end result is great taste and added value for the consumer, plus increased sales and profitability for the processor.
Our customers refer DEC as a reliable partner in meeting their short and long term business objectives. Our efficiencies guarantee the competitiveness of our customers; each plant is optimized to make the best use of human and capital resources. We offer state of the art slaughtering and processing systems as well as cold storage solutions.

Our range includes the following turnkey solutions:

1.    Complete slaughtering line (Stunning restrainers, ritual slaughtering boxes, Bleeding systems De-hiding machines, live stock friendly stable systems, conveying systems and control systems for slaughtering facility)
2.    Complete processing solutions (Portioning, Coating, Battering, Frying, Cooking, Freezing and Control systems for processing and freezing.)
3.    Refrigeration Systems (Compressors, Condensers, valves and instrumentation, heat exchangers, project engineering, management and execution)
4.    Air Compressors.
5.    Water Treatment Solutions (Drinking Water, Process Water, RO, Waste Water Treatment).