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Plastic Industry

Your single-source supplier" describes what has been DEC’s philosophy for last 15 years. Besides equipment supplier, this applies in particular to clearly target the needs of every single customer.

To guarantee the current market trends in Plastics, We have a clear focus on the five most important customer industries, automotive, packaging, medical, teletronics, and technical moulding, that strengths our ability to gear our activities more closely to the needs of our customers.

The plastic industry demands ultra-fast cycle times, maximum availability, continuity and safety. Economical solutions are imperative for any application. DEC supplies you the right machine for the right application in a fast, competent and reliable manner.
What we can offer you:
•    Injection molding machines  and automation – from 28 tons to 5,500 ton large-scale machines.
•    Project planning for complete production cells, including in-mould labeling automation, packing stations and peripheral units.
•    Highly specialized application technology to optimize times, processes and energy balance.
•    Development of new processes and technologies in collaboration with our customers – for our customers.
•    We offer Hydraulic, Hybrid and all-electric machines keeping in view the high energy costs in Pakistani market.