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Poultry Industry

Over the last decades chicken has been a staple when it comes to getting protein in consumer diets.
For this, DEC and her partner has state of the art solutions for poultry processors to produce the high quality products that consumers demand. DEC looks to use years after years of knowledge to continue helping processors meet the increasing demands of lowering production cost by offering them world’s leading industrial equipments that will differentiate them in the market.

DEC is a leading equipment supplier when it comes to chicken processing. From a single machine to turn key plant we can have solutions for every inch of engineering.
1.    Complete processing solutions (Portioning, Coating, Battering, Frying, Cooking, Freezing and Control systems for processing and freezing.)
2.    Refrigeration Systems (Compressors, Condensers, valves and instrumentation, heat exchangers, project engineering, management and execution)
3.    Air Compressors.
4.    Water Treatment Solutions (Drinking Water, Process Water, RO, Waste Water Treatment).