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Pharma & Personal Care

Powder and liquid handling:

DEC supplies engineering services and complete process plants and components for powder processing and
handling to customers in the industry of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and health care. The key to successful
after-treatment of particulates lies in precise process control. DEC has the expertise to offer cutting-edge solutions
for the manufacture of powdered, granular, compressed and coated products with specific properties:

•    Blenders, Mixers and Granulators
•    Coaters
•    Compression technology
•    Contained handling and dispensing systems
•    Pharmaceutical Pelletizers
•    Powder handling and packing systems

 Packaging & Capping:

We provide the best solution of pharmaceutical packaging, including barrier laminations for pharmaceuticals packaged in sachets, Bottle and bags. We have the expertise and technologies to assure that your pharmaceutical packaging addresses requirements for moisture, chemical or light barrier, ease of opening, child resistance, unit dosing, and portability. Whether you are packaging tablets, topical, powders or oral dissolve strips, DEC has a pharmaceutical packaging solution to meet your requirements. Whether your cap and container is large or small, your production is fast or slow, We provide the best capping solution according to customer demands.

 Inspection System for Liquid and Solid:

Inspection system is the proven solution chosen by major pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide. Based on a selection of powerful machine vision tools and a simple user interface, DEC meets demanding pharmaceutical industry requirements for reliable, accurate and verified inspection of Liquid and Solid.


Solid and liquid dosing solutions:

We provide engineering services in process plants  as well as stand-alone machines for dosage processing to customers in the industries of pharmaceuticals and biotech. We offer the largest variety of solutions for pharma liquid and solid processing.

After Sales Support and Services:

DEC offers a range of after sales support (parts and services) to customers to ensure long product life and minimize potential down time and associated costs. DEC provides guaranteed high quality parts, fully comprehensive parts kits. We ensure availability and management of spare parts and scheduled or emergency delivery times.

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