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System Solution

Dynamic Equipment & Controls (Pvt) Limited has been involved in the industrial ammonia refrigeration industry for over 15 years. With these capabilities we can design your new system, fabricate the system, and provide start up. Throughout the years we have developed many systems that meet and exceed the needs for our customers.
Dynamic Equipment & Controls (Pvt) Limited is always increasing its knowledgebase by educating employees, attending seminars, and serving on committees for major refrigeration organizations such as IIAR and RETA.

Project Division has the following activities that include:

Design & Engineering

We can turn your refrigeration ideas with our partner M/s GEA Refrigeration (Thailand) Co. Ltd into a reality that will be cost effective and dependable. Years of experience, expert load calculations, as well as equipment requirements are all combined to ensure the system will work to your specifications.


Dynamic Equipment & Controls (Pvt) Limited has been manufacturing refrigeration pressure vessels with our sister concern company M/s Fauz Engineering Limited. Fauz manufacturing facility has been audited by team of American society of Mechanical Engineers and endorsed with ASME S, U, R & PP stamps. This certification will authorize Fauz to offer following ASME approved manufactured assemblies, repair capabilities for pressure vessels, pressure piping and power boilers. Additionally, we require that all of our welders pass certification tests and that all of our materials are certified. Using state of the art software such as AutoCAD for design and drafting and PV Elite for stress and weight analysis on all vessel designs, we are capable of building vessels for almost any application. We offer the following configuration of pressure vessels and storage tanks for ammonia refrigeraton system:

  • Horizontal High Pressure Ammonia Receiver
  • Vertical High Pressure Ammonia Receiver
  • Vertical Ammonia Accumulator
  • Vertical Ammonia Intercooler
  • Horizontal Ammonia Surge Drum Flooded Operation
  • Horizontal Ammonia Surge Drum Pump Circulation
  • Stainless Steel & Mild Steel Double Wall Polyurethane Insulated Storage Tanks


Installation & Fabrication

Dynamic Equipment & Controls (Pvt) Limited uses highly trained pipe fitters and certified pipe welders, these professionals have fabricated many refrigeration systems and take great pride in providing the highest quality workmanship while meeting or exceeding all refrigeration codes and standards. The materials used are of the highest quality to assure you a long lasting dependable system.
Fauz Engineering Limited has a state-of-the-art fabrication shop able to meet all your needs. Our Fabrication Shop is outfitted with every tool needed, including Over Head Cranes, Iron Workers, and Welding Machines. This gives us the ability to fabricate every thing from Structural Steel, to Valve Stations, to Packaged Piping Skids, and even a Complete Refrigeration System.

Process Piping

Dynamic Equipment & Controls (Pvt) Limited has extensive experience with all types of Process Piping installations, including Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, PVC, CPVC, and Copper piping. Whether it is Food Grade Stainless Steel Sanitary Piping in a Food Processing Plant or Corrosive Chemical lines in an Industrial Facility, we have the expertise to do the job right!

Commissioning and Start up

Dynamic Equipment & Controls (Pvt) Limited has the tools needed to ensure the proper installation and operation of systems prior to the handover to the end user. Our successful track record of testing and commissioning procedures helps develop a steadfast facility commissioning plan and comprehensive schedule to meet our client needs. Establishing milestones and identifying critical paths to accomplish the successful integration of commissioning activities have helped us become an industry leader in industrial refrigeration projects.

Refrigeration Controls System

We provide the most efficient and reliable refrigeration control systems to the Food Process and Cold Storage industry available today. Our custom systems are based upon industry standard equipment and software with a 100% “Open Architecture” philosophy. This gives our customers many different choices for future modifications and enhancements to their system rather than being “locked in” to purchasing expensive proprietary equipment and software.